Attack on America
Processing the Pain
Tuesday, October 2, 2001
"Despair and gratitude are enemies,
only one can prevail.
Help with Despair
What Are You Dealing With?
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Dealing with tragedy is a process, and it's important to allow yourself the freedom to walk at your own pace.

Despair is that overwhelming sense that all is lost and there is no hope. It can come upon us like a wave, and leave us powerless to fight it.

Points to remember

1-Call for Help
Don't try to fight this alone. Despair is a deep hole, you need someone else to help pull you out. Talk to someone you trust, and pray.

2-Change the Channel
Emotions follow along with what you think about. Turn your thoughts away from the dark things, and focus on the good things. Begin a Gratitude Journal, and everyday write down at least 5 things you are grateful for.

3-Do Something Good for Others
Get over your problems by embracing someone else's. Find someone who has a need and help them, then find someone else and help them. Do it everyday.

God bless you,
Wayne Dillard

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